About the State Economic Development Program Expenditures Database

In order to compile data for the Expenditures Database, the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) has been conducting ongoing research that involves gathering budget data on state economic development expenditures, starting from FY 2007 through the most current fiscal year. Expenditures data is updated on a regular basis each year, according to the publication schedule of various state budgets. The expenditures data can be used by policy makers for ideas on new policy recommendations, state officers and agencies for comparing or and evaluating existing budget allocations, and economic development professionals for highlighting the spending in a particular state.

This is a continuous effort to provide a way of comparing state investments in an "apples-to-apples" format. Expenditure data was collected by aggregating budget information from state economic development agencies to find total resources available for economic development on a state level. Most data was collected from the primary economic development agency while some state data derived from several different agencies depending on the economic development structure in the respective state. State budgets were examined for fifteen functional activity areas and four different funding sources (including state general revenues, special funds, state other funds and federal funds). The fifteen functional activity areas include business finance, business assistance, international trade and investment, domestic recruitment, workforce preparation and development, technology transfer, minority business development, entrepreneurial development, community assistance, tourism/film, special industrial assistance, program support, administration, and others.

Please click on this link to view detailed definitions for each of the 15 function area categories: Glossary of Economic Development Functions

About the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER)

The Council for Community and Economic Research is a membership organization created in 1961 to promote excellence in community and economic research by working to improve data availability, enhance data quality, and foster learning about regional economic analytic methods. We accomplish our mission through professional networks, training, advocacy, research, and delivering innovative products and services.

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